Destination UE

Finding the Resources She Needed to Succeed

“Evansville is very kind and personable. You feel like a very large family in a very large home.”

Sarah Dufresne

Hesperia, California
Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology

Belonging on Campus

From the moment that Sarah Dufresne started her campus tour, she felt like she belonged. “The faculty and students were exceedingly nice and helpful,” she recalled. “They made me feel comfortable and excited about starting.” Because of her interest in the neuroscience program, Sarah appreciated the chance to apply for grants for her own research. Even the campus itself was a selling point. “The campus was beautiful, and I really wanted to watch the seasons!”

Deciding Her Future

As a neuroscience major, Sarah spends a lot of time with the science and math departments. She has had many chances to work with students in the different majors and has enjoyed every moment. All of her professors are personable and helpful, willing to help a student succeed even if it takes a little extra time, but Lora Becker, PhD, professor of neuroscience, has made the biggest impact on Sarah’s education.

In fact, it was Becker who helped Sarah decide her degree. “She spoke with me extensively about the possibilities in neuroscience on several occasions,” Sarah explained. “She’s fantastic and really helps students who are interested in the field find a place within the department.”

Resources for Success

Everywhere she has looked, Sarah has found something to improve her UE experience. “Access to internships, opportunities for research and conference attendance, and talking with graduates from your major,” Sarah listed. “These are all helpful resources that make a UE education rounded and complete.”

All of these reasons are why Sarah encourages future students to look deeper than the academics provided at a college. “Find a place where you look forward to going to class and learning from your professor and where you feel that you have a personal relationship with them,” she said. “Visit the college and get a feel for its community.”

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