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“I was looking for something more than just academics, and I found it at UE.”

Wade Mobley

Class of 2017
Major: Finance and Marketing

Choosing the University of Evansville

For Wade Mobley, the son of UE alumni and the brother of a current UE student, choosing the University of Evansville seemed like a natural fit. However, this doesn’t mean that he accepted it right away. He had the chance to tour several colleges, and he had just returned to Evansville after visiting a small school in Alabama when his brother called to invite him to UE to compare the two colleges. And the rest is history.

The Best of Both Worlds

According to Wade, Evansville was the best of both worlds. “It’s close enough that I can see my family and talk with them everyday, and I can still be active on campus,” he said. “When you’re on campus, you might as well be miles away, but home is always an option.”

Of course, the academics here were just as attractive.

“I love the business school here,” said Wade. “It’s really strong, plus I could still get the liberal arts background.” Although he was unsure of what path to follow, Wade soon found that UE was a school that helped their students find what they want to do. “They want you to succeed,” he said. “They give you the tools, but I really think, deep down, they want me to succeed.”

The Schroeder School of Business has their own career services office where they help students network with employers and alumni. “Sethlyn Morgan [director of career services] is so good at networking,” Wade said. “She really helped with the interview process.”

Getting the Guidance He Needed

Supportive faculty members helped guide Wade throughout his UE experience. One professor who really made an impact on him was Atefeh Yazdanparast Ardestani (Dr. Y). “I’ve never seen someone who cares so much about her students,” Wade said. “We always have these good discussions in class. If there’s ever a question that no one knows the answer to, Dr. Y will look it up later and send the answer to everyone.”

Another helpful professor was Mindy Sagez, LEAD Forward program director and professor of principles of marketing. It was Dr. Y and Mindy who encouraged Wade to add another business major. With an extensive background in marketing, Mindy applied things she had learned in the real world to the classroom. “She talked about the marketing concept and connected it with what she did in her job.” It was the real-life experiences of these professors that really made the education at UE authentic.

Real-World Experience with a Real Education

Outside of the classroom, Wade had plenty of real-world experience. One such experience was with the Evansville Chamber of Commerce, which was an internship he received through his connection with Dr. Y. Wade helped the chamber utilize social media to reach out to their audience while learning more about what a Chamber of Commerce does.

He worked with Mindy in the Lead Forward Program, a group that offers networking opportunities with students and professionals. They also greet the guest speakers who come to UE. “We took Bob Jones, CEO of Old National Bank, to Cork and Cleaver before he spoke,” said Wade. “It was really neat to sit across the table from a huge CEO and be able to ask him questions.”

Wade also worked with Greg Rawski, former dean of the School of Business, to recruit prospective high school students for UE. Wade is also part of the Dean’s Advisory Council, a group comprising two representatives from each grade that gets together with Rawski once a month. The purpose of this council is to discuss what’s going on in the business school and explain what is working for the students and what isn’t working.

Getting Involved

Not only was Wade very active in his academics, he was also involved in several student organizations on campus. He served as president of the Finance Club, vice president of the fundraiser for Social Innovation Club, and vice president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He was a member of Lambda Chi, part of the Lead Forward Program, and worked as a School of Business Ambassador. Wade also took part in the Changemaker Challenge, a program he was particularly excited about. “Changemaker involves anyone on campus who has a socially innovative idea,” explained Wade. “They pitch their idea to the UE president, Mayor Winnecke, and a group of investors and, if their idea is selected, then they receive $2,000 to put it into action.”

A Piece of Advice

When it comes to choosing a school, he encouraged prospective students to get an early start on the process and get an idea of what they want. “Narrow it down to what you want, definitely go and visit the campus, and try to get a feel of college life,” he said. “And study, study, study. Meet your professors, go to supplemental instruction sessions, take advantage of office hours, they’re there for a reason.”

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