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Emphasis on Realistic Learning

“I feel like I’m adding value and contributing to students’ personal and professional development.”

Dr. Yasser Alhenawi

Assistant Professor of Finance

Emphasis on Realistic Learning

In class, making the material realistic may not be an emphasis for all schools. Yet, one of UE’s assistant professors of finance, implements this element throughout all his teaching. Dr. Yasser Alhenawi came to this school for authentic teaching with real world applications and smaller class sizes. According to the professor, these are two of UE’s best qualities.

Strong Impact Removes Fear

Dr. Alhenawi says many new students are excited about finance but are also anxious about the difficulty of the courses. However, he is quick to ease their fears when they come to class. Dr. Alhenawi enjoys that and feels like he’s adding value and contributing to students’ personal and professional development.

On Campus Opportunities in Finance

There are numerous exceptional programs offered in the finance department that put students in real-life situations where they handle real money, experience real scenarios, and collaborate with real people. One program incorporated by UE’s Institute for Banking and Finance allows students to handle loans granted to local small businesses. This program provides students the opportunity to get in direct contact with local investors and prepares them to become future wealth executives.

Bright Future for Students

A former student of Dr. Alhenawi’s, Connor Donnelly, is a great example of a graduate who is excelling in finance. “Connor is a hard working young man and did well in all of the courses he took with me. He participated in the Institute for Banking and Finance’s loan program and performed remarkably with punctuality and dedication. I believe he will make a great career in the future!” Donnelly was a financial analyst for the US Department of Defense during his time in school, and is currently a business consultant for KSM Consulting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students like Connor provide a role model for future finance majors to see where their career can go after college.

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