World Class Academics

UE students receive a personalized education rich with experiential learning opportunities to prepare them for today’s globalized world. They learn from industry leaders and award-winning experts who work to expand the worldview of our students through challenging course work, engaging projects, international field work, study abroad opportunities, and more.

View the stories below about members of our faculty who go above and beyond to provide personal attention and meaningful experiences to future world leaders.

Yasser Alhenawi

Yasser Alhenawi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance
Joe Atkinson

Joe Atkinson

Digital Multimedia Specialist in Residence, Department of Communication
Lora Becker

Lora Becker, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of the Neuroscience Program
Jeffrey Braun

Jeffrey Braun, PhD

Professor of Physics
Diane Brewer

Diane Brewer

Professor of Theatre and Resident Dramaturg
Cindy Crowe

Cindy Crowe

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Foreign Languages and Cultures
Robert Dion, PhD

Robert Dion, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science, Department Chair of Law, Politics, and Society
Jennie Ebeling

Jennie Ebeling, PhD

Associate Professor of Archaeology
Dale Edwards

Dale Edwards, PhD

Chair of the Department of Biology
Stephanie Frasier

Stephanie Frasier

Chair of the Department of Art
Daniel Gahan

Daniel Gahan, PhD

Professor of History
Rob Griffith

Rob Griffith

Professor of Creative Writing
Cris Hochwender

Cris Hochwender, PhD

Professor of Biology
Deborah Hwang

Deborah Hwang

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson, CPA

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Alan Kaiser

Alan Kaiser, PhD

Professor of Archaeology
Walayet Khan

Walayet Khan, PhD

Professor of Finance
Young Kim

Young Kim, PhD

Professor of Political Science
Mark Kopta

Mark Kopta, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Mark Kopta

Lisa Kretz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Andy Lampkins

Andy Lampkins, PhD

Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Science
Ralph Larmann

Ralph Larmann

Professor of Art
Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis

Interim Director for the Center for Innovation & Change
Amy McBride

Amy McBride, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Education
Wes Milner

Wesley Milner, PhD

Professor of Political Science, Executive Director for International Programs
Katie Mullins

Katie Mullins

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Lisa Nikolidakis

Lisa Nikolidakis

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi, DrPH

Associate Professor and Director of Public Health
Diana Rodriguez Quevedo

Diana Rodríguez Quevedo, PhD

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Michael Roscoe

Michael Roscoe, DrPH

Director and Chair, Physician Assistant Science Program
Kenneth Steinsultz

Kenneth Steinsultz

Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands
Martha Stilwell

Martha Stilwell

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Mark Valenzuela

Mark Valenzuela, PhD

Associate Vice President, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
Tamara Wandel

Tamara Wandel, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication

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