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The Office of Development is located in the Igleheart Building.

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Alumni and Student

Alumni Participation

Help current and future students get the same quality experience you had.

Alumni Participation

As an alumni of the University of Evansville, we encourage you to help us provide current and future students the same quality UE experience you had during your time on campus.

All gifts from alumni are extremely important, regardless of their size. Along with helping provide scholarships to today's students, your gift to the University of Evansville improves our Alumni Giving percentage – a major factor in national collegiate rankings by publications like U.S.News & World Report.

By giving to UE's Annual Fund, you:

  • Show your pride as a Purple Ace. We can do as well as or better than Xavier or Butler!
  • Strengthen the quality of all alumni degrees
  • Help UE receive stronger consideration for grants from corporations and foundations, who often use alumni participation as a benchmark in making decisions. After all, if alumni don't give, why should they?
  • Boost UE's rankings from organizations like U.S.News & World Report
  • Do the right thing for your alma mater and our students.

Among the ways alumni often choose to support UE are: