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Office of Development

The Office of Development is located in the Igleheart Building.

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Clifford Oval

Clifford Circle

View from the beautiful Clifford Circle pathway located in the center of the Sesquicentennial Oval.

Clifford Circle

The Clifford Circle, recognizing cumulative gifts of $1 million and above, is named in honor of George and Emily Orr Clifford.

George dreamed of a college for Evansville, which led him to propose to the Commission of Higher Education that Moores Hill College be moved here in 1919 and renamed Evansville College. His wife, Emily, was the first woman to serve on the College’s Board of Trustees.

The inaugural members were inducted on Thursday, June 28, 2012, and the center of the Sesquicentennial Oval was dedicated the Clifford Circle. As of June 2012, the 49 members of the Clifford Circle have given $135,218,522.12 to the University of Evansville.