Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you so much for your support of the University of Evansville! The following is a list of donors to the University of Evansville from June 1, 2010 to current. The fiscal year is June 1 to May 31.

By giving to UE, you are enabling the University to provide a challenging and collaborative learning environment which then fosters the rich mentorship of talented faculty and staff. We are small in enrollment but large in opportunities, thanks to your generosity. On campus, we are committed to bringing the world to Evansville by creating engagements with international influences, knowledge, and ideas in and out of the classroom, preparing students for the global reality of life after UE.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you find that we have made an error, please accept our apologies and contact our department of Stewardship and Annual Giving at 812-488-2377 or send an e-mail message to development@evansville.edu with corrections.

2010-2011 Parent Donors

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  • Mrs Denise Albers
  • Mr James Albers
  • Mr Larry Altstadt
  • Mrs Penny Altstadt
  • Mrs Kandace Anderson
  • Mr Michael J Anderson
  • Mr David L Andres
  • Mrs Janet L Andres
  • Mr Matthew Andrew
  • Mrs Nancy Andrew
  • Mrs Kimberly A Anthony
  • Mr Mark Arnold
  • Mrs Helen Azarian
  • Dr Mohammad K Azarian


  • Mrs Janet Heldt Baas
  • Mrs Barbara Babb
  • Mr Brian Bailey
  • Mrs Deidre Bailey
  • Mr Chuck Banks
  • Mrs Kelly Banks
  • Mrs Evelyn Benitez
  • Mr Juan Benitez
  • Mrs Debra Benson
  • Mr Mark Benson
  • Mrs Anita Betancur
  • Mr Roy Betancur
  • Mr Gregory Billo
  • Mrs Jeanne Billo
  • Mr Paul Bohnenkamper
  • Mrs Tamara Bohnenkamper
  • Mr Dean R Bosze
  • Mrs Sheree Bosze
  • Mr Robert W Boxell
  • Dr James Brock
  • Mr Brent Buxton
  • Mrs Rebecca A Buxton


  • Mr John Cadick
  • Mrs Julie M Cadick
  • Mr Philip Calahan
  • Mrs Shannon P Calahan
  • Dr David J Carlson
  • Mr Dennis Carr
  • Mr Gary Chesnut
  • Mrs Shelby Chesnut
  • Mrs Dana D Clayton (Curlee)
  • Mr Randy Clayton
  • Dr Brent Cochran
  • Mr Jerry Cotner
  • Mrs Julie Cotner
  • Mrs Monica D Creekmur
  • Mr Jeffrey Creel
  • Mrs Robin Creel
  • Ms Joyce Crozier
  • Mr Bret Cude
  • Mrs Susan Cude
  • Mrs Donna Curry
  • Mr Paul Curry


  • Dr Jimmy Davis
  • Mrs Joann Davis (Mohr)
  • Mr John Davis
  • Mrs Ellen Day
  • Mr Michael Day
  • Mr Leland M Dierks
  • Mrs Carol Doelling
  • Mr Denis Doelling
  • Mr James S Drury
  • Mrs Kelli Drury
  • Mr Derek L Dunigan
  • Mrs Leah Dunigan
  • Mr John Dunn
  • Mr John T Dutton Jr


  • Mr James Eckstein
  • Mrs Janis A Eckstein
  • Mrs Cathy L Elliott
  • Mr James O Elliott
  • Mrs Susan Elliott
  • Mrs Cheryl K Emmons
  • Mr Daniel J Emmons
  • Ms Barbara M Engels
  • Mrs Judith Estridge (Biggs)
  • Mrs Jeanne Ewers
  • Mr Richard Ewers


  • Mrs Rosanna D Gentry
  • Mrs Jo Gilreath
  • Mr Scott Gilreath
  • Mr Michael Gore
  • Mrs Allyson Goth
  • Mr Douglas Goth
  • Mrs Marcia L Grassmyer
  • Dr Richard M Grassmyer
  • Mr Gerald R Greenlee


  • Dr Amy M Hall
  • Mr Robert M Harrison
  • Mr John R Hawkins
  • Mrs Ellen C Hegeman
  • Mr John E Hegeman
  • Mr Brian Higgins
  • Rev Jon Hokama
  • Mrs Susan Hokama
  • Mrs Kimberly S Hollis
  • Mr Mason D Hollis


  • Mr William Jacobs
  • Mr David Jensen
  • Mrs Julie Jensen
  • Mr Brent A Jung
  • Mrs Sandra Junge


  • Dr Robert Kautz
  • Mrs Vicki Kautz
  • Mrs Elizabeth Kenney
  • Mr Gary Kenney
  • Mrs Margaret Klages
  • Mr Timothy Klages
  • Mrs Marsha Kline
  • Mr Ted Kline
  • Mrs Diana Knackmuhs
  • Mr Frederick W Knackmuhs
  • Mr Keith Kohler
  • Mrs Peggy Kohler
  • Mr Daniel Kohn
  • Mrs Rita Kohn
  • Mrs Kathryn Kohout
  • Mr Steven E Kohout
  • Mrs Ann Koors
  • Mr Michael D Koors


  • Mr Mark Lamphier
  • Mrs Mary Lamphier
  • Mrs Cynthia Langness
  • Dr David Langness – Deceased


  • Mr Jerry Mahon
  • Mrs Sharon Mahon
  • Mr Lawrence Malone
  • Mrs Peggy Malone
  • Mrs Debra K Martin
  • Mr Mark A Martin
  • Mr Gary A Marx
  • Mrs Lisa M Marx
  • Mr Jay McCauley
  • Mrs Kirsten McCauley
  • Mr Douglas McCord
  • Mr Kevin McCubbin
  • Mrs Mary Kay McCubbin
  • Mr Thomas G McCullough
  • Mr James E McDonald
  • Mrs Janice McGennis Carr
  • Mrs Carol L Miller
  • Mr James W Miller
  • Mr Anthony Morris
  • Mrs Susan Morris
  • Mrs Barbara Morrow
  • Mr Joseph Motes
  • Mr Gary Mueller
  • Mrs Kate Mueller
  • Mr Dean Mumm
  • Mrs Jennifer Mumm
  • Mrs Sandra A Murphy
  • Mr Scott T Murphy
  • Mrs Joy Musselwhite
  • Mr Mike Musselwhite


  • Mrs Diane C Naumann
  • Mr Jeffrey B Naumann
  • Mr Tuomo Nykanen


  • Mrs Radeana Parker
  • Mr Samuel Parker
  • Mr David Patton
  • Mrs Jean Patton
  • Mrs Donna Paulin
  • Mr Tony Paulin
  • Mrs Diane Pearson
  • Mr Ted Pearson
  • Mr Jonathan Pejka
  • Mrs Penelope Pejka
  • Mrs Jamie Petty
  • Mr Tim E Petty
  • Mrs Marcia K Poisel
  • Mr Randy A Poisel
  • Mr Scott Pretzsch


  • Mrs Mary Raatz
  • Mrs Beverly Rabenberg
  • Dr Llewellyn Rabenberg
  • Mrs Margie Radcliff
  • Mr William Radcliff
  • Mr Donald Rahke
  • Mrs Patricia Rahke
  • Mrs Shanna Rahming
  • Dr Maria Ranola
  • Mr Mark Redburn
  • Mrs Tracy Redburn
  • Mr Robert Reid
  • Mrs Sheryl Reid
  • Mr Rick Reneer
  • Mrs Shea Reneer
  • Ms Amber Rhines
  • Mrs Andrea Rich
  • Mr Randy Rich
  • Mrs Renee Roberts
  • Mr Steve Roberts
  • Ms Tammy Robey
  • Mr Mark Robinson
  • Mr Bruce Rogers
  • Ms Debra Rogers (Rogers)
  • Mrs Marian Rogers


  • Ms Cathlyn Kennedy Samuel
  • Dr Deborah Schade
  • Mr Douglas Schaefer
  • Mrs Mary Scheller
  • Mr Thomas Scheller
  • Mr Eric Schlarf
  • Mrs Tammy Schlarf
  • Mrs Donna S Schmitt
  • Mr Mark Schmitt
  • Mr Timothy J Schmitt
  • Mrs Debra Schultz
  • Mr Gary Schultz
  • Mrs Elizabeth Sears
  • Mr Michael J Sears
  • Mr Glenn Seymour
  • Mrs Tracy Seymour
  • Mr Glenn Shain
  • Mrs Sue Shain
  • Mr Burke B Sibrel
  • Mrs Esther L Sibrel
  • Mr Daniel Snyder
  • Mrs Diana S Snyder
  • Mr Raymond L Spann
  • Mr Damian Spata
  • Mr David K St Clair
  • Mrs Regina G St Clair
  • Mrs Janice L Stamps
  • Dr David Steele
  • Mrs Wreatha Steele
  • Mrs Amy Steen
  • Mr Mathew Stephan
  • Mrs Mildred Stephan
  • Ms Angela M Stewart
  • Mrs Linda Stone
  • Mr Robert D Stone
  • Mrs Ronda F Stone
  • Mrs Kristeen Stubbs
  • Mr Timothy Stubbs
  • Mr Brian Sullivan
  • Mrs Carol Sullivan
  • Mr Michael Szczepanski


  • Mrs Angie Tanoos
  • Mr Sam Tanoos
  • Mr Richard Ten Hoor
  • Mrs Crystal Terry
  • Mr Michael A Tessier
  • Mrs Laura Thomas
  • Mrs Maria L Thomas (Wathen)
  • Mr Mark Thomas
  • Ms Rosanne T Thomas
  • Mrs Barbara Thompson
  • Mr Jeffrey B Thompson
  • Mr John Thompson
  • Mrs Laurie D Thompson
  • Mrs Kim Tiernan
  • Mr Larry Tiernan
  • Mrs Marilyn J Todd
  • Mrs Susan Toman
  • Mrs Julie Culiver Towler


  • Mrs Vickie VanCamp


  • Mrs Donna K Walsh
  • Mr Michael Walsh
  • Mr Jerrold Ware
  • Mrs Dovelyn Ware
  • Ms Denise G Wathen
  • Mrs Linda K White
  • Mr Ronald K Wiandt, Jr
  • Mrs Linda S Wicker
  • Mrs Anne F Wickes
  • Mr Grant Wickes
  • Mrs Judith N Willem
  • Mrs Margaret P Williams
  • Dr Michael E Williams
  • Mrs Roseann B Wilson
  • Mrs Marian Z Wiscaver
  • Mrs Anne Wolf
  • Dr David Wolf
  • Mrs Jane P Woods (Parisotto)
  • Ms Valerie Woodson
  • Mrs Laura Woszczynski
  • Mr Stanley Woszczynski

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