University of Evansville

Office of Development

The Office of Development is located in the Igleheart Building.

Restricted Gifts

If you would like your donation to support a specific department, program, or project, the Office of Development can help you make a restricted gift to that area.

With a restricted gift, your money goes directly toward the purpose you set forward, allowing you to outline the details for how UE uses your gift. To make the most of a restricted gift, you can create an endowment fund, where only the principal is invested, and only a portion of the investment earnings spent. The rest are reinvested back into the fund, so your endowment grows and becomes a perpetual source of funding for the program of your choice.

A full list of accounts for restricted gifts to UE is available for download via the inset link. Or, to talk to a Development officer about where you would like to place your restricted gift, please contact our office at 812-488-1094 or via e-mail at