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Fitness and Recreation

Carson Center/Student Fitness Center

Adequately programmed fitness, recreation, and athletic facilities can be an integral component of campus life and can serve to extend learning opportunities outside the classroom. Today Carson Center and Student Fitness Center are comprise a mishmash of facilities that are overcrowded, difficult to navigate, awkward to schedule and operate, and inadequate. They serve neither the specific needs of student athletes nor the general recreation fitness needs of the entire student body, faculty, and staff. In its current form, the facility is detrimental to recruitment and retention. Working in concert with steering committee representatives to verify program priorities, the planning team recommends a phased plan to reinvigorate Carson Center, which comprises both renovation and new construction. The plan consists of the following elements:

Carson/Fitness Center Map Legend
  1. Practice Gym

    19,500 SF - New construction
    $175 - $225/SF
    $3.0 - $3.4 M

    A dedicated basketball practice gym and offices are constructed along west edge of the Carson Center. The adjacent existing gym is dedicated for volleyball.

  2. Fitness Center

    36,000 SF - New construction
    $175 - $225/SF
    $6.3 - $8.1 M

    Constructed in a highly visible, easy to access location, a fitness center addition is constructed on the former site of the tennis courts. Fitness center amenities would consist of racquetball courts, a two-court gymnasium, and a new aerobics and fitness center.

  3. Renovate Carson

    38,000 SF - Renovation
    $100 - $150/SF
    $3.8 - $5.7 M

    Phase C, the core of the existing Carson Center, would be renovated to enhance maneuverability within the building and provide adequate facilities for athletic team offices and support spaces.

  4. Site

    Tennis and Parking
    Walnut Plaza - Option
    $0.9 - $2.4 M

    Related to Phases A and B, the costs associated with relocating existing parking spaces and tennis courts have been identified. In addition, a plaza concept has been identified to enhance the pedestrian connection across Walnut Street. A more detailed description of the plaza concept can be found in the Campus Site Design section.

Map of Athletics Plans

The total cost range for the development, excluding soft costs, escalation, and phasing, potentially ranges from $14.0 million to $19.6 million.