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Residential life is a vital component to the experience of going to college. A well-documented priority for the University's residential life program has been the replacement and renovation of upperclassmen housing facilities, many of which are severely deteriorated, expensive to maintain and operate, and do not offer an experience consistent with the value of a UE education. Not contributing significantly to on-campus vitality, many of these upperclassmen residential units are immediately off campus and are located within a variety of single-family dwellings and apartment buildings. Another priority for residential life is the renovation or replacement of Hughes Residence Hall, a prominently located residence hall at the corner of Weinbach and Walnut Avenues. Additional desires expressed during our research include creating Greek life community spaces, providing appropriate learning/living/community space, and cultivating a greater sense of variety and vitality.

Residential Life

As potential sites were studied, a parallel effort was undertaken by Brailsford and Dunlavey to study such financial factors as existing on- and off-campus housing rates, peer institution room and board comparisons, and likely market demand for new and renovated housing. Numerous focus group meetings were held with students to build an understanding of student life on campus. From these sessions, the planning team gathered the following thoughts:

  • Avoid long corridors — foster frequent interaction.
  • Diversity in the apartment-style options is important.
  • Need more suites for freshmen and sophomores with singles mixed in.
  • New housing on or closer to campus than the current outlying housing.
  • Need to have a good balance of living/learning and destination apartments.
  • Hughes Residence Hall provides 250 beds (currently utilized).
  • Apartments and houses provide (not including North Hall) 260 beds.
  • New housing facility a minimum of 250-290 beds.
  • 300 additional beds distributed across classes.
  • Interested in exploring townhouses for themed or small-group housing.
  • 40 beds is an ideal increment for a wing.

To foster greater vitality within the geographic center of campus, enhance the exterior edges of campus, and help unify both north and south sides of campus, the master plan proposes concentrating sites for new residential facilities along Walnut Street into two distinct areas or villages at both the east and west edges of campus. Both villages' site planning capacities have been studied using the existing University land ownership. A mixture of traditional suite-style and apartment-style residence hall units and townhouse units were assumed for planning purposes. As a general strategy, the planning team strove to identify underclassmen housing sites either on or directly adjacent to the core campus and to locate upperclassmen sites further out to foster a greater sense of independence.

New Townhouses

New Townhouses

East Village Intersection

East Village Edge

West Residential Village Overview

West Residential Village Overview

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East Residential Village

East Residential Village

1. Townhouses

Site Capacity: 115 Beds
Two Story
Total Area = 37,500 GSF
$100 - 150/SF, $4.7 M

A smaller unit type, the townhouse offers variety from apartment style units seen in North Hall. The scale of the townhouse transitions taller-height buildings of the core campus area into the surrounding 1½ story residential neighborhood and is accommodated by the narrower block depth and lot dimensionsizes. The development of site 1 presents a significant opportunity to unify and restore an attractive presence and first impression for visitors arriving along Weinbach Avenue.

2. Residence Hall

Site Capacity: 200 Beds
Three Story - 80 beds/floor
14,000 GSF Living/Learning Space
Total Area = 84,000 GSF
$175 - $225/SF, $16.8 M

If economically feasible, Hughes Residence Hall should be replaced with a new living/learning community residence hall. Located at the intersection of Weinbach and Walnut Avenues, this site offers a unique opportunity to create a new iconographic gateway to campus. The location for living/learning space could provide additional overflow space for Graves Hall. Maintaining residential use on this site will serve to invigorate the East Terrace Lawn with a constant stream of activity. If sited at the same setback as North Hall, there may be potential to construct the new residence hall while leaving much of Hughes Residence Hall in place.

3. Residence Hall

Site Capacity: 120 Beds
Three Story - 40 beds/floor
Total Area - 45,000 GSF
$175 - $225/SF, $9.0 M

A third residence hall site appears feasible due east of Powell Residence Hall. With limited service drive reconfiguration, a new residential quadrangle would be formed by Powell, Hale, and the new residence hall. Along with Site 2, Site 3 presents a strong opportunity for locating underclassmen residence hall accommodations within the core campus area. Offering less density, townhouses may also be constructed on this site.

4. Townhouses

Site Capacity: 80 Beds
Two Story
Total Area = 26,000GSF
$100 - $150/SF, $3.9 M

North of North Hall, Site 4 clusters townhouses to define a new corner for the approach to campus while heading south along Weinbach Avenue.

5. Townhouses

Site Capacity: 70 Beds
Two Story
Total Area = 22,200GSF
$100 - $150/SF, $2.8 M

Site 5 demolishes the Weinbach Apartments and fills in a significant gap within the Weinbach streetscape dominated today by a surface parking lot.

6. Living/Learning Center

Programming Support Space
Total Area = 7500SF
$100 - $150/SF, $1.0 M

Initially envisioned as part of the original North Hall design, a living/learning center offers additional needed community space for international student residents.

West Residential Village

West Residential Village

1. Residence Hall

Site Capacity: 115 Beds
Three Story - 40 beds/floor
10,400 - Sorority Life Center
Chapter Space - 2000 SF ea.
Total Area = 49,100GSF
$175 - 225/SF, $9.8 M

Site 1 pairs a new residence hall with the massing of Schroeder Residence Hall directly across Rotherwood Avenue to define a gateway into the northern half of campus. In addition to accommodating typical residence hall support spaces, the ground floor of Site 1 residence hall has been sized to include a sorority life center comprising chapter meeting rooms, support space, and a shared lounge commons area.

2. Residence Hall

Site Capacity: 86 Beds - Apartment-style Units
Three Story - 28 beds/floor
Total Area = 34,500GSF
$175 - $225/SF, $6.9 M

Set back from Walnut Street to define a new residential quadrangle, Site 2 offers the possibility to construct a residence hall identical in size and program to North Hall. Should remaining purchase of outparcels be financially feasible, this block could be further built out to feature building sites along its northern and western edges, and an adequately proportioned, south-facing residential quadrangle open to Walnut Street.

3. Townhouses

Site Capacity: 80 Beds - Two Story
Total Area = 26,000GSF
$100 - $150/SF, $3.9 M

Site 3 presents the opportunity to define a corner gateway to campus with residential life. Developed with townhouse units, this site helps transition the scale of taller three-story core campus buildings to the surrounding 1½ story residential character.

Student Housing Renovations

Student Housing Renovations

As part of the master plan, the planning team has identified existing residence halls and apartment buildings to be renovated. A summary of this work is detailed below.

Ramona Apartments 47 $1,800,000
Lincoln Park Apartments 26 $770,000
University Apartments 36 $850,000
Hazeart Apartments 22 $480,000
TOTAL 161 $3,900,000
Hughes Residence Hall* 252 $3,680,000
Powell Residence Hall 95 $445,000
Schroeder Residence Hall 152 $603,000
TOTAL 499 $4,728,000

* Renovation cost if Hughes Residence Hall is not demolished and replaced with new construction