Undergraduate/Harlaxton Estimated Cost Calculator and Payment Plan Application

Welcome to the University of Evansville's Estimated Cost Calculator and Payment Plan Application. This tool will help you estimate the directly-billed charges and any remaining balance you may owe the University in light of the 'Gift Assistance' and 'Self-Help Awards' you decide to use. It will also calculate the estimated amount of PLUS Loan needed to cover any balance owed or an estimated monthly payment plan amount. If utilizing the UE Monthly Payment Plan, complete and submit your application below.

Estimated Direct Costs for 2017-2018

Values below are estimates and are subject to change.

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Fall Spring Annual
Campus and Enrollment
Student Activity Fee
Services Fee
Miscellaneous Fees
Fraternity dues, section fees, etc.
Total Estimated Direct Costs

Financial Aid

Scholarship/Grant Type Fall Spring Annual
UE Scholarships/Grants
Federal Grants
State Grants
Other Grants
Total Scholarships/Grants/Other
Total Estimated Cost (Refund) after Scholarships/Grants/Other

Student Loans

Loan Type Fall Spring Annual
Direct Loan
Federal Origination Fee of 1.069% deducted from Direct Loan
Perkins Loan
Total Student Loans Disbursed
Total Estimated Cost (Refund) after Scholarships/Grants/Other and Student Loans


This loan is for credit-worthy parents of undergraduate students or for independent graduate students. To apply, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Loan Type Fall Spring Annual
Federal Origination Fee of 4.276%
Amount Required to Cover Balance
The Federal Origination Fee has been added to the PLUS loan amount so that you have an estimate of the amount that would need to be borrowed to pay the balance.

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Payment Plan Application

To apply, complete and submit the application below.

Estimated Balance Due
PLUS Loan Amount after 4.276% Fee Deduction

All following fields are required to continue the application.

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Annual Auto-renew
An additional fee will be added depending on the plan and payment option:
Plan Automated Coupon
Four- or five-month $40 $50
Eight- or ten-month $80 $100
† Applies only to Automated Payment Plan.

By submitting this application, you agree to the following Responsibility of Charges: Students and/or plan holders are responsible for all plan charges. If any payment is not paid when due, the entire balance, including accrued late fees, shall, at the option of the University of Evansville, become due and payable on demand. In the event of any default, the student and/or plan holder will be obligated to pay all collection costs and/or attorney fees incurred by the University of Evansville in the collection of these charges. For more information about bills and payments, call the Office of Student Accounts at 812-488-2565.

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