University of Evansville

Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana

The Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana serves as a resource to prepare our students and Indiana's businesses for global leadership, citizenry, and success.

Global Business Fellows

The Global Business Fellows are a pool of experienced, successful business leaders who work with the Schroeder School of Business to consult with companies and businesses on a project basis.

Once a submitted project is selected and project scope is determined, a Global Fellow is assigned as project manager. Depending on the nature of the project, appropriate Fellows with relevant experience are brought in to contribute from their extensive background experience. The skills they bring may include general management, operations, marketing, finance, supply chain management, specific knowledge of international business practices, or any other discipline required.

Projects are usually 8-12 weeks in duration, and there is typically no charge to the business unless specific expenses are incurred. Fellows do not receive compensation.

The Global Business Fellowship is sponsored and supported by the Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana to support the success of regional businesses and the students who may one day be associated with those businesses.