University of Evansville

Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana

The Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana serves as a resource to prepare our students and Indiana's businesses for global leadership, citizenry, and success.

Global Internships

A successful international work experience enables our students to apply skills learned at the Schroeder School of Business within a multi-national corporate setting. The responsibility for one or more projects allows the student to gauge a tangible "value-added quotient" within the company.

An additional attribute is the competitive edge our students will gain, once armed with a realistic perspective of the magnitude of cross-cultural competence and awareness of diverse business practices. This will cultivate a desire to be conceptually innovative, maintain a level of high performance, and to work beyond basic expectations.

UE business students ... at work in the world!

Internship Experiences

The Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana works closely with students to identify an international experiential learning opportunity related to their academic discipline. All students enrolled in the UE School of Business Administration are required to complete an internship within their third year of study. Though we encourage students to pursue overseas assignments, there are many opportunities for a global business experience within the United States.

Student Profiles

David McDonald - Papa John's México, D.F., México

David completed a three month internship where he worked to improve marketing strategies of Papa John's Mexico franchises and translated training manuals from Spanish to English. He also learned more about various aspects of operations management within the Papa John's corporation.

Brandon Patton-Jackson - Beijing, China

Brandon completed 60+ hours of Chinese language course work and participated in a four month internship with a Beijing telecommunications company. Brandon earned a scholarship award from the Freeman-Asia Foundation to cover his internship costs.

Whitney Reichenbacker - United Bank of Switzerland; London, England

Whitney interned with the Business Support & Analytics team focusing on MIS project and KPI (Key Process Indicator) reporting while learning aspects of data management. She also worked on projects to build her project life-cycle knowledge.

Gergely Arki - Indiana Economic Development Corporation; Sydney, Australia

Gergely performed various duties for the promotion of Indiana goods and services for export to Australia and New Zealand and also worked to expand reverse investment opportunities for Indiana with Australia and New Zealand-based companies.

Julia Khokhlova - Ministry of Foreign Relations; San José, Costa Rica

Julia spent a summer in San José working on government-based projects pertaining to socioeconomic issues happening in Costa Rica.