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We guarantee every student the opportunity to study abroad.

Our commitment to education abroad means that we encourage every student to study, intern, or engage experientially in an international setting. Programs abroad range from a 10-day intensive experience to an entire academic year and include opportunities such as clinical placements, multi-disciplinary projects, an archaeological dig, or work in and out of the classroom at multiple sites. Notably, students will have the opportunity to study for a semester at Harlaxton College, ranked the number one study abroad program of US colleges and universities. Your UE financial aid package “travels” with you for the Harlaxton semester, making it a more cost-effective option. Curriculum offered at Harlaxton by our British and US faculty are UE courses, and will keep you on track for graduation in four years. If you follow the prescribed plan for your major and remain in good standing and are not able to incorporate a study abroad experience by the beginning of your senior year, we will offer a $1,000 travel grant to be applied toward a UE short-term study abroad experience, including the Harlaxton College 5-week summer session.

For questions or to receive more information about the UE Guarantee, please contact the Office of Admission at 1-833-BeAnAce (1-833-232-6223) or by email at

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