Honors Program

Honors students enjoy many benefits including special housing, early registration for classes, special networking opportunities, and the camaraderie of peers who enjoy being intellectually engaged.

Alumni Profile

Melanie Bacaling

Melanie Bacaling
  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Degree: B.M. Vocal Performance, B.S. Psychology

A 2013 graduate of UE, Melanie Bacaling is now pursuing her Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance at the Boston Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts.

Melanie credits the Honors Program for helping her maintain a high academic standard for herself, as well as providing unique educational experiences that would otherwise not have been possible. She explains, “For my Honors project, I studied abroad in the summer of 2012 and did research on W.A. Mozart in Salzburg, Austria. It was the most magnificent experience, and the UE Honors Program helped me tremendously by supporting some of my endeavor financially. The experience was priceless when it comes to how it contributed to my overall education, but it definitely had a large price tag that I would not have been able to cover on my own. I owe the UE Honors Program a great deal for helping me with that experience.”

Another aspect of the Honors Program that Melanie enjoyed was living in Powell Hall. She comments, “Powell’s sense of community helped me tremendously, especially my freshman year. I met some of my very best friends living in that dorm.” After completing her Master of Music, Melanie plans to pursue her PhD and become a voice scientist, working with people that use their voices professionally on voice therapy and rehabilitation from injury.