Alexander Thompson Alumni Profile

Alexander Thompson
  • Graduation Year: 2010
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts - Archaeology, Biblical Studies, and Classical Studies

Since graduating from UE in 2010, Alex Thompson has continued to build on the education he received through a variety of experiences. He studied as the Bobby Jones fellow at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, completing his Master of Letters. He completed his Masters of Divinity at the Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently a PhD student in New Testament at Emory University, working on his dissertation on the Gospel of Luke.

Alex credits the Honors Program for helping him achieve his educational goals. “The Honors Program gave me the opportunity to present my undergraduate research at an academic conference, giving me deeper insight into my field of study. It also served to set me apart when I was applying to graduate schools and for scholarships.”

In addition, Alex enjoyed other benefits of the Honors Program, including living in Powell Hall, taking special honors courses, and attending the weekly honors teas. He notes, “Living in the honors dorm connected me to a great group of students who shared similar academic passions as me. It created a great environment for discussion and further learning outside the classroom. The special classes were also a great asset, giving me a chance to explore my passions deeper in a wide variety of fields. It also made the required courses more enjoyable.”

After completing his PhD, Alex hopes to teach in a seminary or undergraduate setting. He is also seeking ordination as an elder in the UMC.

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