Pranav Haran: Current Honors Program Student Profile

  1. What is your major?
    Basic Chemistry major with a Psychology minor

  2. What is your home city/state?
    Kokomo, Indiana

  3. Why did you choose to attend UE?
    I chose UE because I wanted to go to a small school in my home state of Indiana.

  4. Why did you choose to participate in the Honors Program?
    I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to be surrounded by people who are also focused on school and motivated to succeed beyond college.

  5. What do you enjoy most about the Honors Program?
    I loved living in Powell Hall, the honors residence hall. I made friends with everyone on my floor, and they're some of my closest friends now.

  6. What advice would you give to future UE honors students?
    Don't be afraid to try new things or get out of your comfort zone. If something interests you, go out and try it because it might be the best thing that happened to you!

  7. What has been your favorite Honors class so far, and why?
    My favorite honors class was Chem 118. Chemistry is my favorite subject and being able to get a richer understanding of it was fun to me.

  8. What are your plans/goals following graduation?
    Once I graduate, I plan to go to medical school and pursue a career in sports medicine.

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