Jordan Buechler Current Student Profile

Jordan Buechler
  1. What is your major?
    I'm a double major in psychology and criminal justice with minors in sociology and legal studies.

  2. What is your home city/state?
    Ferdinand, Indiana

  3. Why did you choose to attend UE?
    I fell in love on my very first visit. All of the counselors and professors that I met with made it very personal, and I knew I would get the personal attention I wanted here. I also really wanted to go to Harlaxton.

  4. Why did you choose to participate in the Honors Program?
    I initially chose to participate in the Honors Program because I wanted to be challenged in college. Additionally, I knew that it would be an added bonus to my resume when applying for graduate school or jobs later in life.

  5. What do you enjoy most about the Honors Program?
    I enjoy all of the perks that come with being in the Honors Program. It is nice to get free color printing in the Honors Lounge, and early registration allows me to craft the exact schedule I want every semester.

  6. What has been your favorite Honors class so far, and why?
    My favorite honors class so far has been Psych 320: Psychology and the Law with Dr. Stevenson. This class was almost entirely discussion based rather than a lecture which held me more accountable for doing all of the readings and allowed me to really delve into the material. Additionally, it completely merged my two interests in psychology and in the law.

  7. What are your plans/goals following graduation?
    I plan to attend law school and then become a practicing attorney.

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