Nicholas Noblitt: Current Honors Program Student Profile

Nicholas Noblitt
  1. What is your major?
    Athletic Training (Pre-Physical Therapy)

  2. What is your home city/state?
    O’Fallon, IL

  3. Why did you choose to attend UE?
    I chose UE because of its strong academics and excellent teaching staff. It also offers the curriculum that I need to accomplish my future goals.

  4. Why did you choose to participate in the Honors Program?
    I joined the Honors Program because it allows me the opportunity to take classes outside my major. This has helped me become a more well-rounded individual, which is the main attraction of the Honors Program.

  5. What do you enjoy most about the Honors Program?
    It introduced me to a great group of friends and peers who I likely would not have met otherwise, since they are outside my major.

  6. What has been your favorite Honors class so far, and why?
    My honors First Year Seminar class was my favorite class so far. With the information given to me by the class, the help of my peers, and the support of the honors faculty, I was able to open my own business.

  7. What are your plans/goals following graduation?
    After graduation I plan to get my PhD in biomechanics and then open my own physical therapy clinic.

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Room 238, Koch Center for Engineering Science