Alex Schmitt Current Student Profile

Alex Schmitt
  1. What is your year in school?

  2. What is your major?
    Physics and Spanish

  3. What is your home city/state?
    Jasper, Indiana

  4. Why did you choose to attend UE?
    I visited UE's campus about five times for various events before I chose UE officially, and every time I came I saw happy, friendly people on campus. After attending Road Trip (which I highly recommend), I was positive I wanted to go to UE; money was the only issue. Then I received a scholarship that made UE more affordable than the other schools I was considering. I also knew I would not get lost in the system, because of the personal, close-knit family that UE is.

  5. Why did you choose to participate in the Honors Program?
    I knew I wanted to join an honors program/college at whatever university I attended to make the most out of my college experience, to challenge myself, and to have a resume booster.

  6. What do you enjoy most about the Honors Program?
    My favorite thing about the Honors Program is all of the friends and connections I have made through it. Looking at my friend group, over half of them are Honors students, and that is because we share the same passion for education.

  7. What has been your favorite Honors class so far, and why?
    My favorite honors class has been the World War I course at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. Dr. Bujak, the professor, had a very exciting, effective teaching style that made going to class enjoyable and educational.

  8. What are your plans/goals following graduation?
    Following graduation I would like to volunteer with the American Red Cross or Peace Corps in Latin America to improve my Spanish and to give back to a global society that has greatly supported me throughout my life. After a year or two abroad, I would like to get my doctorate in Physics in a field related to alternative/renewable energy.

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Room 238, Olmsted Administration Hall