iBASE builds upon students' foundations in the arts and sciences by adding those marketing, management, and finance skills essential for careers in a variety of fields.

Benefits and Requirements

The Benefits of iBASE

  • Exposure to business skills that will enable students to apply their valuable liberal arts skills in the workplace.
  • Exposure to materials that include marketing, fundraising, and assessment.
  • Exposure to professional development experiences.
  • Internship work experience that integrates the student's discipline with applications in business.

iBASE Requirements

The iBASE program contains three links: coursework, a practical work experience, and a seminar for second year students seeking an internship - a program designed to keep you in sync with current and future business trends on the professional scene.

Link #1: Coursework

iBASE incorporates nine credit-hours of coursework that will introduce you to three building blocks of business training:

  • Accounting 210
  • Marketing 325
  • Management 377

Link #2: Internship

Real work experience serves as a vital component of your career preparation. Through an internship in your field, you will gain exposure to the inner workings of operations and management within your chosen area of study as well as make meaningful connections to potential employers and enrich your academic career.

Link #3: EXED 090

A Career Services Seminar for second year students seeking an internship. Covers job interviewing, resume preparation, currently available internships, and details of program administration.