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55 countries are represented on UE's campus.

Alumni Profiles

David Houngninou

David Houngninou

  • Benin
  • Graduated in 2008 with a BS in Computer Engineering

“I am currently a PhD candidate at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering in Dallas, Texas. My areas of research are logic synthesis, formal verification, and validation. I am a member of the High Assurance Computing and Networking (HACNet) Lab and a teaching assistant.”

Ion Nimerencu

Ion Nimerencu

  • Moldova
  • Graduated 2006 with a BA in Political Science

“Currently I am at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Political Science PhD Program. While at UIC, I have undertaken various roles as a teaching assistant for Introduction to International Relations and Introduction to Comparative Politics. I have also worked with UIC faculty as a research assistant on various topics (Pew Research Comprehensive Immigration Project, Europarliament Political Parties Manifesto Project, Historical Data Analysis of U.S. Economy). During the upcoming months, I will teach a research and writing course for the Latino Health Science Enrichment Program to prepare high school students from underserved communities for the transition to college life in health sciences.

After UE, I completed a MA in political science at Northeastern Illinois University in 2010. I also worked for the Illinois Regional Archives Depository and successfully completed an internship with Amnesty International USA Midwest Office.

I strongly believe that my UE experience helped me become a more independent, responsible, open-minded individual, and challenged me to look at the world in different ways, developing my analytical and critical thinking skills. At the same time, UE provided such a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a sense of belonging to a long tradition of civic engagement and academic excellence.”

Nora Attobra Meite

Nora Attobra Meite

  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Graduated 2008 with a BS in Business Administration – Finance and Mathematics

“Right after graduating from UE, I worked in Evansville for a year as a bilingual customer service representative in a bank. Then I attended Rice University in Houston, Texas, for two years where I earned a master's in computational and applied mathematics. After earning my master's, I worked as a business analyst in a distribution company for a year.

After getting married and having three children, I decided to work part time as a mathematics teacher at ITT-Tech and IVY Tech for a year. Right now, I am a stay-at-home mom and I trade the market, mostly options and stock trading.

UE professors helped me reach my success. They were so knowledgeable and supportive in my application for graduate school. UE also helped me succeed in the courses I took there, mathematics and finance courses that I keep applying right now when I trade the market. I was also prepared for success at UE learning and living with other cultures, by forming friendships from around the world from attending international students meetings and spending a semester in Harlaxton, UK.”

Duong Pham

Duong Pham

  • Vietnam
  • Graduated 2010 with a BS in Computer Science
  • Earned MBA from Columbia College
  • Current job – Program Analyst at Enterprise Information Systems

“I am always grateful for the education I received from UE. The friendliness and helpfulness of faculty members helped me further my interest in my chosen field of study. The long lasting relationships I have from four years at Evansville help me in multiple ways in my current life. UE is definitely a place where any international student will want to begin his or her journey in the US.”

XiXi Qi

Xixi Qi Walheim

  • China
  • Graduated in 2009 with a BS in Finance
  • A.O. Smith Management Trainee, Ohio USA
  • A.O. Smith China (acquired by Regal Beloit Corporation)
  • Hudson China Corporation, in charge of recruitment process for hiring consultants in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou offices.

“My UE experience really helped me to understand different cultures and global business better. I would say the most important thing I have gained from my experience at UE is learning to talk to people and build relationships more easily. I realized when I stepped into the business world, especially doing HR jobs, that these precious experiences and skills allowed me to approach people more naturally. I also was able to build up good relationships internally with co-workers and externally with clients. UE had prepared me not only with the practical skills I learned from the classes, but also the soft skills that allow me to perform better in the real world.”

Darwin Cordovilla

Darwin Cordovilla

  • Ecuador
  • Graduated 2015 with Double Major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Darwin considers the University of Evansville the portal to many unique opportunities he would not have had anywhere else. During his time at UE, Darwin took advantage of UE’s Center for Career Development and participated in various scholastic and extracurricular activities that helped him to distinguish himself from the other students. Becoming an astronaut was Darwin’s dream career in high school. From his first semester at UE, Darwin started working on making this goal come true by joining the U.S. Launch Initiative rocket team. Darwin and his team participated in a competition at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in 2012. One step closer to becoming an astronaut, Darwin joined NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center during the summer of 2012, where he supported the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission.

In addition to being a great learning experience, Darwin’s time at NASA made him aware of how underrepresented in the sciences and engineering Latinos are, as he was one of only three Latinos on the entire campus. Darwin realized that becoming a scientist could no longer be a self-centered endeavor, but it was his duty to use science and engineering as the means to encourage more Latinos to pursue STEM fields. Darwin began by serving as president of the Tau Delta Kappa engineering honor society at UE, as a mentor for UE’s Honors Program, and as a physics tutor for underclassmen.

His experience at NASA also motivated Darwin to gain further research experience, and his next opportunity to do so was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during the summers of 2013 and 2014. Darwin’s experiences at MIT motivated him to stay an extra year as an undergraduate student to complete a physics degree in addition to his engineering degree. Simultaneously, he joined the R&D laboratory of Accuride Corporation, a local wheels manufacturing company, where he collaborated to the development of a new product.

As a first-generation college student, Darwin believes that earning a PhD and pursuing a career in research are the best ways to motivate underrepresented groups to pursue STEM fields. As a result, he started an outreach campaign called “Yo También Puedo: Preparing Latinos for Higher Education” to provide information to documented and undocumented Latinos about how to attend college and graduate school in the US. Darwin’s scholastic activities and community involvement resulted in various presentations, publications, and awards.

Darwin graduated in May 2015 and is currently pursuing a PhD in applied physics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His doctoral studies are being funded by the US National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowship, and the University of Michigan’s Rackham Merit fellowship. Without the support of UE’s faculty and administrators who believed in a young student from the Ecuadorian andes, Darwin would not be where he is today. Darwin hopes to pay forward all of the efforts taken on his behalf as he continues his graduate school and professional careers.

Addisu Taddese

Addisu Taddese

  • Ethiopia
  • Graduated in 2008 with a BS in Electrical Engineering

"I'm currently doing my PhD in electrical engineering at Vanderbilt."