Profiles in Student Engagement

Shinhye Moon, South Korea


When I first came to University of Evansville, people on the campus were very friendly and it really helped me adjust to the new environment. Now, I am an International Orientation Leader and I help students from other countries when they first arrive at UE, just like I was helped when I arrived. University of Evansville provides a comfortable atmosphere and makes genuine interactions possible. I am also the president of the Asian Club and treasurer of the International Student Club. It is a good way to communicate with people from all over the world. I believe these experiences and relationships teach me more than what I can learn from textbooks.

Tobiloba Alofe, Nigeria


I have had a remarkable experience at the University of Evansville so far. The atmosphere of the UE community is like that of no other school. At UE, the interactions are personable and each student is given equal opportunity to discover and exhibit talents. Its environment encourages students to "push the bar" and demonstrate novelty. And I am a witness to that. Apart from participation in organizations like Hall Council, Black Student Union, International Student Club, Leadership Academy, Accounting Club and Step Team, I established The African Student Association of which I am president. This would have been difficult for me to do before, but I am certain that during the length of my stay, I will develop the ability to achieve so much more.

Ernesto Rojas Romero, Peru


At UE, life is not all about textbooks, studying or homework. Having lived more than a year at UE I am able to say that there is so much more. My inclination towards soccer has led me to participate in intramural sports. Intramurals are a great way to release stress and engage in healthy-fun activities in which the score is irrelevant. As a Christian, UE was a perfect place for me as well. Student Christian Fellowship and Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship are both wonderful organizations where you can grow in faith with other people, as you become lifetime friends. There are so many organizations and clubs, you will definitely join at least one. Or you may find many of them interesting and join many like I did.

Mohammed Alluhaydan, Saudi Arabia


From my experience I have found the social life at the University of Evansville outstanding. I am involved with the International Student Club (ISC). With ISC I enjoy meeting students from over 50 countries, where I have the opportunity to socialize and learn about their cultures. In the club I have met students from Britain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Korea, and many other places. In ISC, I enjoy tasting different kinds of food while watching movies and participating in other fun activities. Besides this, I am enrolled in intramural soccer, where I am improving my soccer skills. With the great experiences I am having, I am still eager to join a few more organizations as the university has over 160 clubs and intramural sport teams.

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