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For Starters

  • Timeline of Art History
    This website by the Met provides an overview of art history as illustrated and represented by its collections. It presents a basic geographical and chronological context for the history of art around the world, prehistory to 1600 CE, with plans to expand coverage to the present.
  • Art History resources on the Web
    A useful index to art history resources covering art history from various geographic centers (ancient Egypt, African art, etc.), time periods (Medieval, Baroque, etc.), research resources, museums and galleries. Easy to use and full of excellent information.
  • Art History Index of Artists
    Displayed for each artist in this alphabetical list is a list of links to museum image collections, related websites and metasearch website matches. 22,000 artists can be found here. Hosted by the World Wide Art Resources Corporation.
  • ArtServe
    The site is dedicated to visual material useful for teaching and learning about Art History and adjacent areas. The site began with intended coverage of the Mediterranean Basin, but has grown to include Japan and mosques from places like Istanbul and Los Angeles. Pictures only - no descriptions of what image is.
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