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Exercise and Sports Science

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Human Kinetics Article Databases

For Starters

    The Peer-Reviewed Journal and Site of the Internet Society for Sport Science. This site has a wonderful webliography listed under Links to the Net -information targeted toward trainers, physicians, coaches, nutritionists, and others interested in the fields of sports medicine, sports nutrition and exercise science.
  • Health and Physical Activity Reference Database
    The American College of Sports Medicine Office of Museum, History, and Archives is pleased to provide this database of articles and books published over the past 200 years or more related generally, to the connection between health and physical exercise and the early history of the physiology of exercise. Most of the material was written in English and was published in North America. However, some material was published in France, Germany, and England, among a few other countries. The listings are divided into two distinct reference databases: "Health and Physical Activity" and "Exercise Physiology".
  • Sport Science
    Why does spinning a ball make it curve? Why do I feel sore after I exercise? What is the physics of skateboarding? Find the answers to these and many other sport science questions at this fascinating site put together by the people at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
  • Sports research
    A collection of key Web sites for sports research at national and international levels. As the list of sports is extensive, some sports are not represented.


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