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Economics Article Databases

For Starters

  • FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research
    On this web site you will find links to scanned images (PDFs) of historical economic statistical publications, releases, and documents. When used in connection with data contained in FREDĀ® (Federal Reserve Economic Data), FRASERĀ® allows the researcher to create uninterrupted data series by accessing sources previously available only in printed form and those currently available electronically. In addition, the ability to retrieve series presented in preliminary, revised, and final releases provides a powerful tool in recreating and evaluating previous economic research and policy."
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
    An excellent and comprehensive guide and virtual library of links to economics resources covering all sorts of subjects including data sources, teaching tools, jobs, electronic publications and bibliographic databases. This site is sponsored by the American Economic Association.
  • Social Science Information Gateway: Economics
    The Social Science Information Gateway is a portal for "information for researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law." The economics categories include economic development, history, geography, economic systems and thought, environmental economics, experiemental economics, financial economics, industrial and business economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, tourist industry, and mathematical economics.
  • Council of Economics Advisers
    The CEA is charged by Congress to study all aspects of the economy and recommend economic policy to the president.
  • FINWeb : Financial Economics
    FINWeb is managed by Professor James R. Garven at the Baylor University. The primary objective of FINWeb is to list Internet resources providing substantive information concerning economics and finance-related topics. Journals, working papers, databases and more are present in this wide-ranging resource.
  • WebEc: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: World Wide Web Resources in Economics
    WebEc, a virtual library of links, is an effort to categorize free information in economics on the WWW. WebEc is a part of the NetEc group that collaborates with the EconWPA and RFE. WebEc includes the List of Economics Journals. The links in this virtual library are annotated and some its main categories include economics and teaching, mathematical and quantitative methods, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and many more.
  • Library of Economics and Liberty
    Provided by Liberty Fund, Inc., this site is dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets and liberty. It features authoritative editions of classics in economics, and related works in history, political theory and philosophy; columns and articles, including follow-up Letters to the Editor featured on the web site; links to the most commonly-used economics data bases; reading lists and annotated bibliographies organized by topic, for those looking for ideas for further readings; and links to other sites of interest.
  • ECONlinks
    ECONlinks was developed to provide easy access to basic economic and financial information for students in economics and business courses. While not striving for comprehensiveness, this well-chosen virtual library of links (some with brief annotations) is very useful for classroom usage. Among the areas covered are the following: indexes and directories; current news; business news; current economic indicators; financial market information; economic analysis and forecasts; economic data; federal reserve banks; government publications; international resources; policy institutes; student resources; teacher resources.


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  • Working Papers

    • Electronic Working Papers in Economics : WoPEc
      WoPEc is a volunteer effort to bring collect bibliographic information on working papers in Economics published on the Internet. We bring together papers on various servers, so that they can be queried together. WoPEc has collected data about 1055 papers from several dozen important institutions.
    • Berkeley Law and Economics Working Papers
      The Berkeley Law and Ecomomics Working Papers present interdisciplinary scholarship in the field of law and economics. Issues online begin with Spring 2000. There is a link to full-texts of working papers numbered 99-13 to 2000-21.
    • ECON - Research: Working Papers
      "Papers in this series are all intended for eventual publication in refereed journals or collected volumes. Copyrights to these working papers remain with the authors and/or their publishers. Users may download papers (where made available) and print them for their own personal use. Downloading papers for any other activity, including reposting to other web pages, electronic bulletin boards, or archives, is prohibited without express consent of the copyright holder(s)."
    • The International Economics Network
      The International Economics Network is an annotated, selective portal for working papers and news articles on international economics and related disciplines (including inter alia, global business and finance, international law, and international development).
    • Economics Research Network
      ERN, a part of the Social Science Research Network, allows users to search their database of research papers and scholarship. Fulltext of articles can be purchased online.
  • Government Web sites

    • United States Economy at a Glance
      Provides information on U.S. Productivity, the Employment Cost Index, U.S. Import Price Index, Data Series, Producer Price Index, Consumer Price Index, Average Hourly Earnings, Change in Payroll Employment, and the Unemployment Rate.
    • U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration
      The U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) web pages offer texts of recent ESA reports and working papers; presents ESA press releases, statements, and speeches; and gives information about ESA.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Associations and Organizations

Other Internet Guides

  • Regard
    Regard is an online database containing information on social science research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). ESRC is the UK's leading research funding and training agency addressing economic and social concerns. They aim to provide high quality research on issues of importance to business, the public sector and government. Regard is publicly and freely available on the World Wide Web. It contains over 75,000 records, dating back to the mid-1980's and is updated daily to include the most current research.