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  • National Environmental Directory
    This directory lists more than 13,000 organizations concerned with environmental issues and education. A very flexible search engine facilitates easy access to the records. Basic contact info for each organization is listed as well as tax status, funding sources, publications, budgets and general activities.
  • Airnow
    The goals of the US EPA's AIRNOW website are to: 1) provide real-time air pollution data in an understandable, visual format, 2) provide information about the public health and environmental effects of air pollution, 3) provide the public with information about ways in which they can protect their health, and actions they can take to reduce pollution.
  • Earthshots
    "Earthshots is a collection of Landsat images and text, designed to show environmental changes and to introduce remote sensing. Images from other satellites, maps, and photographs are also included. Earthshots comes from the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center, the world's largest archive of earth science data."
  • Endangered Species Home Page
    Lists officially U.S. recognized endangered species, candidates for the list, and guidelines and qualifications for the list. There's also a section of frequently asked questions.
  • EPA Climate Change
    You can find news, reports, and information on the impact of global warming. The site also has a browsable glossary of terms.
  • Great Lakes Information Network
    "The Great Lakes Information Network, or GLIN, is a partnership that provides one place online for people to find information relating to the binational Great Lakes region of North America."
  • PlanetDiary
    "PlanetDiary records the events and phenomena that affect Earth and its residents. Every week, this site presents geological, astronomical, meteorological, biological, and environmental news from around the globe."
  • What We Know (Climate Change)
    From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this website is dedicated to ensuring the three “R’s” of climate change are communicated to the public: reality, risk and response.

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