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For Starters

  • Mathematics : The Largest Known Primes
    This site contains the following sections: Introduction (What are primes? Who cares?); The "Top Ten" Record Primes; The Complete List of the Largest Known Primes; Other Sources of Prime Information; Notation and Definitions; and Euclid's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes.
  • History of Mathematics Archives
    The archive many useful resources, including biographies of more than 1300 mathematicians, articles on the development of mathematical ideas and famous curves, Mathematician of the Day, birthplace maps, and much more. There is a search engine.
  • Wolfram MathWorld
    This site is a "comprehensive, and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers." The subject index includes algebra, applied mathematics, calculus and analysis, discrete mathematics, the foundations and history of mathematics, geometry, number theory, probability and statistics, recreational mathematics, and topology. In addition, there is a complete alphabetical index and a good search engine.
  • Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics
    A nice collection of links on such topics as probability, statistics, number theory, discrete mathematics, and much more.


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Probability & Datasets

  • Probability Tutorials
    Offering definitions, theorems, and solutions, these 20 tutorials are meant to be a complete online course on measure theory, lebesgue integration and probability. There is also a link to chat with others using the tutorials.

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