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Political Science Article Databases

For Starters

  • C-SPAN Video Library
    Such an incredible resource. Video can be searched by topic, series, congressional committee, popular programs, etc. The Congress section includes data on congressional member days on the chamber floors.
  • Political Science Resources
    Brought to you by Richard Kimber, this excellently organized Web site provides links to significant resources in political sciences. Sections like "Manifestos," "Constitutions" and "Political Theory" make this site unique.
  • All Politics
    Brought to you by CNN Interactive, AllPolitics.com contains current news stories about happenings in US politics. A searchable archive helps find information older than 3 days.
  • Inter-Parlimentary Union
    With links to national parliaments or governing bodies, IPU's web site extends its mission ot serve as a focal point for dialogue between world governing bodies.
  • Political Science Resources on the Web
    Excellent jumping off point! This site is very well organized, easy to use and crammed full of worthwhile links.
  • Political Science Virtual Library
    Listings for libraries, ftp sites, listservs, newsgroups and much more are available on this Virtual Library.
  • ANES: American National Election Studies
    ANES is a survey conducted by leading scholars of political behavior of voters during each general election. This is the gold standard of political science surveys.
  • PollingReport.Com
    Students, faculty and researchers will find lots of polling data in the fields of political science, journalism, business and health or social sciences available at this site. PollingReport.com makes available for free the information published twice monthly in its print counterpart, Polling Report. This site is well organized and easy to use.
  • Ultimate Political Science Links
    Fast loading and easy to navigate, this site prides itself on being current, encompassing and quick.
  • Human Development Reports
    This database has been the first to put the humans in the center of country statistics through the introduction of the human development index (HDI). Later, it added the Gender-specific Development Index (GDI), the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM), and the Human Poverty Index to the yearly Human Development Reports. These measures and the index values are controversial (as most of such indices, and especially, composite measures are). They represent good starting points to gauge human development, and gender inequities in countries around the world--except for the human poverty measures which put, for example Singapore and the Occupied Palestinian Territory almost cheek-to-cheek.


Government - US and International | Political Parties | Voting Records | Campaign Finance | International Studies

  • Government

  • Political Parties

    • Communist Party - USA
      Citing the failure of the capitalist party system, CP-USA Web site lists the tenets of their philosophy, state contacts, publications by the organization, as well as membership information.
    • Constitution Party
      Formerly the US Taxpayers' Party, it was founded on Labor Day Weekend in 1992. The Constitution Party's political philosophy stands "on the principles of government laid down by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution." A bit confusing at first, the Web site describes USTP's stance on various issues. An archive of speeches, articles and other documents is available.
    • Democratic National Committee
      Easy to navigate, some of the features include voting for the seven least-favorite GOP candidates, the Democratic Platform and its effects on the typical American family and F-RIGHT-ening Facts. Links to state and county Democratic party sites are quickly located.
    • Green Party
      This Web site of the Association of State Green Parties espouses their political philosophy quite eloquently. "Vote your hopes, not your fears!" Shouldn't we all be a little green?
    • Libertarian Party
      A quiz to determine if you are a closet Libertarian, upfront party philosophies and state information are a few of the items you see when first getting to this Web site.
    • Natural Law Party
      Founded on the principle of applying the laws of nature (or natural law) to politics, this Web site provides detailed information to support their philosophy. Links to news, state organizations and a detailed platform statement are a few choices.
    • Reform Party
      Devoted to re-establishing trust in government, the Reform Party was brought to national attention by Ross Perot in 1992. This Web site is excellent to use, with quick links to voluneer forms, the party's constitution and lawsuits where the Reform Party is named and many other interesting links.
    • Republican National Committee
      Besides the general GOP information readily available, some highlights are the online gift store, the "World According to Al Gore (see what he created today)," and online activism section. Links to state GOP organizations are included. Note: This site is slow to load.
    • Socialist Party
      Digusted with the capitalist system, the Socialists have assembled an excellent Web site that delinates their positions, allows quick assess to state and local organizations and proudly displays their national newspaper, The Socialist.
    • More Choices
  • Voting Records

    • Project Vote Smart
      Tracking the voting records of over 13,000 public officers in federal, state and local governments, PVS's site is easy to search for fast and enlightening information.
    • Congress Merge
      Individual voting records for the current Congress. Select a state, then a Member, then Voting History under Political Profile.
    • C-SPAN
      Votes arranged by subject, month, and key vote
    • Federal Election Commission
      Besides general information about every aspect of federal elections, there is also links to information on campaign finance rules.
  • Campaign Finance

    • Follow the Money
      Monitors campaign contributions by individuals, businesses, special interest groups, and industry sectors for state elections held 1990 through 1998. Visitors may search the database for contributions by people or groups in one or more elections;view summary reports for selected states; or read analyses of specific elections and spending patterns by special interest groups (such as the National Rifle Association and the gambling industry).
  • International Relations

    • International Studies - WWW Virtual Library
      An excellent Web site that organizes massive amounts of information in an easy to access way. Links to other virtual libraries are here. If you go to only 1 sight, choose this one.
    • Canadian Institute of International Affairs
      With links to various government agencies (both North American and International), there are links for journals, e-zines, research centers, newspapers, discussion lists and much more.
    • International Network Information Centers
      The objective of this page is to provide international users with access to academic databases and information services worldwide, and to provide area studies scholars around the world with access to information on and from the regions covered by different Centers.
    • UN Multimedia
      This site maintained by the UN's Office of Public Information contains four main categories (News Centre, Radio, Television & Video, and Photo). Check out the News Centre!

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Political Reference Desk
    An online version of the 1999-2000 Political Reference Almanac, this site offers the same excellent information for free. Make sure you select the tab that says GUESTS on the top right of the screen.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of International Relations
    The entries in this encyclopedia include theories, concepts, ideas, definitions, and events in international relations. The entries were written by students in courses at Towson University.

Associations and Organizations

Other choices include uwaterloo.ca or northwestern.edu.

Other Internet Guides

  • History of Televised Presidential Debates
  • Political Science -- Yahoo
    Yahoo is an expansive directory of Internet sites where you should find what you are looking for.
  • Virginia Tech's Links and Tools
    A large site with a navigational table on the first page.
  • Political Information.com
    Part of the DC Orbit Network, a group providing Web-based information tailored to the needs of the Washington DC political community, Political Information.com is a targeted search engine covering over 2,000 political and policy sites. Help is provided at the site on how to structure your search to retrieve exactly the items you want. Although Political Information.com touts the sites it indexes as the best sources of political information, a list of what's covered is not provided.
  • Political Science: A Net Station
  • Women in Politics
    Created by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in coorperation with the UN Development Programme, this database currently cites over 650 titles, including books, articles, book chapters, and other organizational and governmental publications about women in politics.

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