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For Starters

  • Social Science Data Archives
    "Provides a wide variety of links to massive amounts of information not available in traditional formats."
  • Social Science Information Gateway
    "Aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law."
  • Sociological Tour of Cyberspace
    "A thoughtful listing of important sociology resources of all types on the Internet."
  • SocioSite
    "The SocioSite is designed to get access to information and resources which are relevant for sociologists and other social scientists. It has been designed from a global point of view - it gives access to the world wide scene of social sciences."


Population and Communities | Marriage and Family | Research in Sociology | Aging | Deviance & Crime | Popular Culture

  • Population and Communities

    • American FactFinder
      "American FactFinder is the primary online census data dissemination site from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The interface lets users browse, search, and map data from the 1990 Census, the 1997 Economic Census, the American Community Survey, and Census 2000."
    • Population Reference Bureau
      PRB's mission is to be the leader in providing timely and objective information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications. This site presents one-page summaries with colorful graphs on selected topics.
  • Marriage and Family

    • ChildStats.Gov
      "This website provides links to federal and state statistics and reports on children and their families, including: population and family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior and social environment, and education."
    • Kids Count
      The Annie E. Casey Foundation: provides national and state benchmarks for indicators of child well-being in the U.S.
    • National Survey of Families and Households
      "After reading the online documentation, follow the link to the ftp site for downloading. There is also an excellent bibliography on the site."
    • Panel Study of Income Dynamics
      "The PSID is a longitudinal survey of a representative sample of US individuals and their families, ongoing since 1968. The data were collected each year through 1997, and every other year starting in 1999. Topics include income and wealth, expenses, education, and health care."
  • Research in Sociology

    • Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
      "This virtual library of briefly annotated links lists FREE resources for methods in evaluation and social research. The focus is on "how-to" do evaluation research and the methods used: surveys, focus groups, sampling, interviews, and other methods."
    • Social Science Data Analysis Network
      "exhibit provides an overview of workbooks, computer diskettes, Internet, and on-line access to undergraduate teaching materials available through the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN)."
    • Sociological Research Online
      "Sociological Research Online publishes high quality applied sociology, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual topics and debates."
  • Aging

    • AGing Integrated Database
      AGID is an on-line query system based on AoA-related data files and surveys, and includes population characteristics from the Census Bureau. The system allows users to produce customized tables in a step-by-step process and output the results in print or spreadsheet form.
    • AARP
      "AARP is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of persons 50 and older."
    • Merck Manual of Geriatrics
      "Full-text and searchable title (3rd edition, 2000) from Merck's family of medical references."
    • AgingStats.Gov
      "This site features a report called Older Americans 2000: Key Indicators of Well-Being that covers 31 key indicators selected to portray aspects of the lives of older Americans and their families."
    • Grandparent Foundation
      "Dedicated to raising grandparent consciousness to better the lives of grandchildren, parents and grandparents."
  • Deviance and Crime

  • Popular Culture

Associations and Organizations

Other Internet Guides

  • SocioLog
    "This categorized guide to sociology online has links to general and specific topic resources; university departments, research institutes, and other organizations; journals; mailing lists; and sites on individual sociologists."
    " is a principal online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry and creating, in hate's stead, communities that value diversity."

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