Research Assistance Program Guidelines

  1. Mission statement - RAP is a reference service provided by the UE Libraries. The mission of RAP is to expand reference service by meeting our patrons individually to help with their information needs while providing continuity of service.

  2. Target Audience - Undergraduate and graduate UE students who have identified themselves as desiring one-on-one reference assistance. Senior seminar students are prime candidates.

  3. Service Overview - RAP provides one-on-one research assistance which includes recommending search strategies, suggesting print materials, and directing patrons to online resources. The service may include teaching patrons how to utilize and maximize online resources, explaining services like interlibrary loan, assisting with finding community contacts, and referring patrons to other resources The service does not include performing extensive research, creating bibliographies, faxing materials, photocopying or mailing materials, or other interlibrary loan services.

  4. Objective - The objective of RAP is to satisfy the patron's information need, whether it is finding resources for a paper, become proficient in using online databases, etc.

  5. Contact - The librarian assigned to the participant will initially contact the patron to set up a mutually convenient time to RAP. Continuing appointments shall be made in tandem.

  6. Cancelled sessions - Cancellation of RAP sessions should be made 24 hours prior to the meeting. If this guideline cannot be met for unforeseen reasons, then the participant or librarian must contact the other party as soon as possible to cancel the meeting.

  7. Switching Librarians - The participant has the right to change librarians after the program has been initiated. The participant must contact either RAP coordinator (Randy Abbott or Meg Atwater-Singer) for reassignment.

  8. No shows - Chronic absenteeism terminates RAP.

  9. Privacy - All information discussed, sources consulted and resources evaluated are to be kept strictly confidential. Any notes taken during the course of RAP should be destroyed upon completion of sessions.

  10. Assessment - For statistical purposes, we will keep track of the number of RAPpers, class number, year, number of sessions and average length of session - but not specific information on the users. A survey evaluating the service will be given to patrons during their last RAP session to be returned to the Libraries. An additional survey will be administered to the student's professor asking to compare the RAPper's bibliography and/or resources to other student assignments. Permission must be received from the patron before sending survey to professor. A patron has the option to opt out from this survey.

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Bower-Suhrheinrich Library and Clifford Memorial Library