Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Students in UE's Art History program gain real world experience through internships at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, and numerous other locations.

Art history is the study of art in its social and historical context. The art history major offers a wider chronological scope, but it is particularly strong in the areas of ancient art, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European art, and Chinese art. These fields are examined through the lenses of social art history, patronage, gender studies, and material culture.

Art history students in particular benefit from their study abroad experiences (such as Harlaxton College), which provide them with ready access to many of the best museums in the world. Majors and minors are expected to visit these museums as part of their global education. Internships at local, regional, and national museums are also a standard component of an art history student’s experiential education. In addition to a comprehensive education in this field, students will receive a solid foundation in the liberal arts and preparation for graduate studies in art history, cultural management, other professional careers related to the visual arts, as well as any field requiring specific attention to detail.

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