Archaeology and Art History

The Department of Archaeology and Art History provides purposeful experiences, including archaeological excavations in the US and abroad, museum internships and study abroad opportunities, that prepare students to be successful in their future careers.

Professional Successes

Students with degrees in archaeology or art history will have career opportunities in a variety of fields, including:

  • Academic archaeology or art history (university teaching)
  • Art galleries
  • Arts management
  • Contract archaeology/cultural resource management
  • Conservation
  • Education (ancient art or history, archeology, and classics)
  • Forensic archaeology/anthropology
  • Historic preservation
  • Museum curatorship

UE's liberal arts education also prepares graduates to pursue careers in:

  • Business
  • College admissions
  • College student life
  • Educational media/publishing
  • Foreign service
  • Library and information science/archives
  • Law
  • National parks
  • Peace Corps
  • US intelligence services
  • State highway departments