Bachelor of Science Alumni Profiles

Caitlin Harty ’14

Major at UE: Athletic Training
Hometown: Powell, Ohio
Current Residence: Evansville, Indiana

Career Highlights: During my undergraduate years, the athletic training department allowed me to be a Division I swimmer at UE as well as the athletic training student for many of the university’s other sports teams and area high schools. This taught me how to manage my time well and to take care of not only myself, but the other athletes at UE.

The professors at UE prepared me to take my Board of Certification early so that I could direct my time and energy into my responsibility as the senior Athletic Training Student with UE’s baseball team. I was able to pass my boards on my first attempt and upon graduation I became Caitlin Harty, ATC. I was able to apply for Indiana Licensure so that I could immediately start treating athletes.

The University of Evansville’s Athletic Training Program prepared me well for the transition into graduate school. In the summer of 2014, I started the University of Evansville’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Having a background of Athletic Training gave me the knowledge needed for my physical therapy orthopedic classes. My busy schedule during UE’s Athletic Training Program prepared me for the very demanding hours of physical therapy school.

Caitlin Harty ’14

Life after UE’s undergraduate AT Program: Being a Certified Athletic Trainer has provided me with a part time job at ProRehab, a local provider of physical therapy and athletic training coverage. My responsibilities included covering local middle school and high school sporting events such as football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, and lacrosse. While in physical therapy school, ProRehab has provided me with not only a source of income, but the opportunity to expand my athletic training skills and put the invaluable knowledge that I gained from the athletic training program into practice.

In addition to this, the knowledge of orthopedic injuries, prevention of injuries, and the overall health needs of an athlete has helped me as a competitive triathlete. I was able to train for Ironman Louisville, a 140.6 mile triathlon, from January 2016 through October 2016 without getting injured. I have applied my knowledge to the athletes I treat as well as myself. I have learned to listen to my body and take preventative measures to ensure that I will be ready for any race that I compete in.

Finally, UE’s Athletic Training Program, as well as the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, has helped me achieve a lifelong dream. I was selected through EXOS, a nationwide healthcare provider to elite athletes, to be the Student Physical Therapist working with the Los Angeles Rams from March 2017-April 2017. My responsibilities will be preparing the athletes for their upcoming football season through injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Skylar Richards ‘06

Major at UE: Athletic Training
Hometown: Hanover, Indiana
Current Residence: Dallas, Texas

Career Highlights: Skylar Richards is in his 10th year as a MLS Athletic Trainer. He is the former Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Colorado Rapids and Columbus Crew. Richards currently focuses on integrating Sports Science with Athletic Training to achieve injury prevention. A certified massage therapist and FMS specialist he works closely with coaching and strength staff while coordinating the club's sports medicine department. In 2015 he organized various club partnership to open the first US professional soccer recovery lab focusing on daily recovery/prevention though soft tissue mobilization, last of acid dispersal, customized nutrition, and anti-inflammatory modalities.

Helping UE’s Athletic Training Program: Skylar has been instrumental in accepting and managing UE athletic training students in their pursuit of MLS internships.

Skylar Richards ‘06

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Room 226, Wallace Graves Hall