Beyond the Classroom

The Freshman Experience at a Division I institution

The first-year experience of an athletic training student is purposeful and heavily involved. In their first week on campus, freshman students are observing athletic teams and in the athletic training facility for all sports. At some Big 10 schools, students are not offered this experience until their junior year. At UE, students will obtain 100 hours of observation during their freshman year.

Clinical Experience Placements

The learning environment at the University of Evansville is opportunity-rich, especially when it comes to real-world experiences. Here are a few places our students learn and develop their skills:


The University of Evansville has six biomechanists who utilize the Dunigan Movement Analysis Lab. This number of faculty is exceptional for a university of UE's size. Students have the opportunity to become involved with research being conducted by these faculty. Internships are also available within the lab where students can learn about the instrumentation and eventually perform research.

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