Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

The marketability of the AT graduate is of high importance at the University of Evansville. Students have the option of two separate tracks to improve their employment possibilities in each area. These tracks have the same course schema; additional degrees, licensures, and certification are recommended but not required. Examples of these tracks and additional certifications include the following:

College/Professional Track

  • BS in Athletic Training (last class enrolling fall 2020)
  • Internship in UE NCAA Division I Athletic Program Weight Room and/or with a Professional Athletics Team
  • Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS)
  • Matriculation to Graduate School
  • Matriculation to the UE Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

High School/Sport Medicine Clinic Track

  • BS in Athletic Training (last class enrolling fall 2020)

Admission Requirements

Entry into the program is competitive. Admission criteria include:

  • AT 180
  • EXSS 112
  • EXSS 113
  • EXSS 150
  • EXSS 244
  • HE 100
  • PT 100

Clinical observation that total 100 hours and basic skill acquisition are components of EXSS 244.

The 100 hours must be acquired prior to application to the program. The athletic training students will have 20 weeks to achieve these totals with an average of five hours per week, documented each week by their preceptor. Weekly submission of the signed hours and journal will be needed to apply to the program.

  • A grade of "C” or better in the prerequisite courses
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75
  • Completion of a physical from the ATP’s medical director
  • Completion of the ATP’s technical standards
  • Completion of a written application
  • Personal Interview
  • Completion of all required work for EXSS 244 (two semesters)
    • Hours requirement (100 signed hours)
    • Journal requirement (10 journal entries; APA format)
    • Professionalism (Dress, being punctual)
  • Below is the weighted scale for each requirement
    • 10% Hours
    • 10% Journals
    • 10% ACT/SAT Scores
    • 10% GPA for Fall Semester
    • 30% Interview
    • 15% Written Essay
    • 15% Clinical Skills Checklist

After submitting all application material, the prospective student may be granted an interview with the admissions committee. An interview is required for admission into the program. Applications are due the last Friday of January. The selection process will be completed by registration for the fall semester and all applicants will be notified of their status at this time. Acceptance into the program is conditional based on successful completion of the student’s current semester course work.

Direct Entry into the program is available for a small number of qualified incoming freshmen who have been accepted into the direct entry physical therapy program. These students must meet certain ACT and/or SAT scores and have a formal interview with the physical therapy department as well as the Athletic Training Program Faculty.

Admission criteria are subject to change. Applications and additional information are available from the program director.

UE also offers a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree.

Program Related Costs

Course fees (AT-related) (Background Screen) yearly $41
Clothing $100
NATA/ATrack Student Membership yearly $75
CPR $100 Every two years
Travel to and from clinicals Variable

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Room 226, Wallace Graves Hall