Schroeder School of Business

Since 2012, 98 percent of Schroeder School of Business graduates have been employed within six months of graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The BA in Economics* is an exceptionally flexible program, where students enjoy the broadening experience of a liberal arts education while acquiring the skills they will need to succeed in a professional career. Working alongside their advisors, students have the opportunity to select from many disciplines complemented by economics - or even to complete a BA degree with a double major in economics and another field.


This degree requires completion of 124 semester hours, allocated as follows:

  • The University's general education requirements - 41 hours
  • The economics major area - 36 hours
  • Additional foreign language - 6 hours, and
  • Free electives for the balance of the 124 hour total - approximately 41 hours

General education: 41 hours, including Economics 470 and Mathematics 134 or 221.

Major - 36 hours: Economics 101, 102, 345, 346, 372, 425; Quantitative Methods 227; 15 hours of economics electives

Additional foreign language - 6 hours: Bachelor of Arts requires proficiency in or completion of a foreign language through the course numbered 212

Electives - 41 hours: For more details refer to page 67 in the 2011-2013 University of Evansville catalog.

*Economics does not fall under AACSB accreditation.