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In recent years, 98 percent of Schroeder School of Business graduates have been employed within six months of graduation.

Gale Blalock


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Dr. Blalock is a Professor of Economics at the University of Evansville. He served many years as Chair of the Department of Accounting and Business Administration. He joined UE in 1977. He holds a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Arkansas. His Ph.D. in Economics is from Oklahoma State University.

His research interests include economic impact analysis and regional economics. His consulting practice has served firms in the financial, manufacturing, legal sectors, and the public sector.

Dr. Blalock recently served as President of the Missouri Valley Economics Association.

Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Blalock, M.G. & Montgomery, R.D. (2005). The Effect of PowerPoint on Student Performance in Principles of Economics. The Journal of Economic Educators, 5(3), pp.1-7.