Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in economics* is a combination of general education, major requirements, a supporting area of study, and free electives.

This degree requires completion of 124 semester hours, allocated as follows:

  • The University's general education requirements - 41 hours
  • The economics major area - 30 hours
  • Supporting area - 18 hours, and
  • Free electives for the balance of the 124 hour total - approximately 35 hours.

General education: 41 hours, including Economics 470 and Mathematics 134 or 221

Major - 30 hours: Economics 101, 102, 300, 345, 346, 372, 425; nine hours of economics electives.

Supporting area - 18 hours (select one):

Business Administration: Accounting 210; Finance 361; Management 377; Marketing 325; Quantitative Methods 227; Software Application 110

Public Policy: Political Science 143 fifteen hours of elective courses in politics or law Students in this area should include Economics 381 among their economics electives.

Mathematics: Mathematics 221, 222, 365, 466; six or more hours of elective courses in mathematics above the Mathematics 222 level

Students who select this area should not take Mathematics 134. Students who anticipate pursuing graduate studies in economics are advised to include Mathematics 341 among their mathematics electives.

Other Areas: Economics majors are invited to consult with their faculty advisors in designing other supporting areas. Examples might include mass communication, foreign languages, international studies, or computer science. A student must obtain approval for the self-designed area prior to the beginning of the senior year.

Electives - 35 hours: The Bachelor of Science degree program permits students to choose a variety of electives for the purpose of broadening their education or furthering their professional aspirations. Students consult with their advisor on selecting from among the many disciplines that are well complemented by economics.

For more details refer to page 68 in the 2011-2013 University of Evansville catalog.

*Economics does not fall under AACSB accreditation.

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