Sarah Beth Wilson


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Education Research


  • B.S. – Saint Michael’s College
  • M.S. – Brandeis University
  • Ph.D. – Purdue University

Faculty Photo

Research Interests

In the Wilson research group, we conduct research on the teaching and learning of chemistry. We create instruments to assess students’ conceptual understanding, formulate methods of intervention, and evaluate student learning outcomes. We are particularly focused on investigating:

  • how students construct and interpret visual representations, such as the curved arrow formalism of organic chemistry
  • the impact of interventions on student’s understanding of the nature of science
  • the development of green laboratory experiments for use in undergraduate chemistry courses

Selected Publications

  • Wilson, S.B. & Varma-Nelson, P. (2016). Small Groups, Significant Impact: A Review of Peer-Led Team Learning Research with Implications for STEM Education Researchers and Faculty. Journal of Chemical Education, 93(10), 1686-1702.

  • Smith, J., Wilson, S.B., Banks, J., Zhu, L., & Varma-Nelson, P. (2014). Replicating Peer-led Team Learning in Cyberspace: Research, Opportunities, and Challenges. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 51(6), 714-740.