Todsapon Thananatthanachon


  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Green Chemistry


  • B.S. – Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  • Ph.D. – Washington University in St. Louis
  • Postdoctoral – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Faculty Photo

Research Interests

Our research interests lie broadly on the development of organometallic compounds that function as reactive catalysts for the conversion of inexpensive and renewable substrates to more valuable products such as liquid biofuels. Metal-pincer compounds are the catalysts of interest, since they generally exhibit exceptional reactivity and thermal stability. More than 20 different metal-pincer catalysts including Fe(PCP), Fe(NNN), Ru(PCP) and Ru(NNN) have been synthesized in our group and successfully employed in catalytic transfer hydrogenation of small organic compounds as well as biomass-derived substrates.

Selected Publications

  • Thananatthanachon, T.; Rauchfuss, T.B. “Efficient Route to Hydroxymethylfurans from Sugars via Transfer Hydrogenation” ChemSusChem 2010, 3, 1139.

  • Thananatthanachon, T.; Rauchfuss, T.B. “Efficient Production of the Liquid Fuel 2,5-Dimethylfuran from Fructose Using Formic Acid as a Reagent” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 6616.