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A classical studies major prepares students to complete graduate studies in classics or to earn a master's degree in teaching Latin for preparatory and high schools. However, the University's rigorous and broad liberal arts curriculum also prepares students for a host of other careers. Classical studies majors are well prepared to enter professions that require the ability to understand and appreciate diverse cultures. Businesses often seek out classical studies graduates because they are highly capable and exacting employees. The skills required to master the classical languages translate well into the business world.

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Alumni Profile:

Stephanie Weiner
Class of 2007

Stephanie Weiner sitting on a bench

Stephanie Weiner credits her University of Evansville education and experiences with preparing her for her position as a high school Latin teacher. "Being able to tutor my peers in Latin and Greek gave me valuable experience teaching others. Spending two nights a week tutoring was great preparation for graduate school and my teaching career."

After graduating from UE, Stephanie earned her master's in classics at the University of Kentucky. "Due to my background as a tutor, I received a teaching assistantship during graduate school for approximately 300 undergraduates as well as helped the professor with classical mythology." Stephanie states that her Greek skills were on par with those a year ahead thanks to her UE Greek studies with Professor James Ware. "In my classes today, I continue to use the techniques I learned from Dr. Ware and Dr. Thomas. I know the education I received at UE has helped me be successful through graduate school and life."

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