After Graduation

Rachel Chambliss

Class of 2007

The small class sizes in the communication department allow students to have one-on-one time with their professors. For Rachel Chambliss, that interpersonal relationship made a difference. "My professors were readily available to help me outside the classroom. They spent time getting to know me and my goals and learning where I wanted to be after graduation."

It was the hands-on experience that Rachel feels prepared her for the career world. "It was great during job interviews to share my work experiences. Instead of saying, 'If I was in this situation, I would handle it this way.' I could actually say, 'When I was in this situation, this is how I handled it and the end results were positive.'"

Rachel is confident that the extra time she spent on projects and gaining hands-on experience outside the classroom were beneficial in landing her job as an Internet content director and reporter in West Palm Beach, Florida. "While at UE, I made the choice to spend extra time gaining experience in my field of interest at the local NBC affiliate. I'm glad I did since in the 30 stations nationwide owned by the corporation for which I work, I am the only employee who is both a reporter and Internet content director.'"

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