Course Offerings

WRTG-104 Exposition (3 credits)
Focuses on writing skills, plus the larger elements of the expository essay: development of a central thesis, organization of material, and responsible use of supporting detail. Does not apply to Department of English major or minor requirements.
WRTG-204 Copy Editing (3 credits)
Introduces the profession of writing and publishing, focusing on craft fundamentals (grammar and mechanics), publishing and copy editing, resources for writers, literary analysis, and submission procedures.
WRTG-205 Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credits)
Introduces basic experience and techniques of description, characterization, poetry, and narration.
WRTG-206 Introduction to Poetry Writing (3 credits)
Teaches basic forms and structures of poetry. Concentrates on techniques as well as content. Prerequisite: Writing 205 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-207 Introduction to Short Story Writing (3 credits)
Teaches elements of short story writing. Concentrates on plot construction with attention to character, dialogue, and setting. Prerequisite: Writing 205 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-211 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (3 credits)
Teaches elements of the personal essay and memoir. Concentrates on voice, structure, language, and forms. Prerequisite: WRTG 205 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-306 Short Story Writing (3 credits)
Teaches techniques for creating characters and turning experiences into short stories. Prerequisite: Writing 207 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-307 Poetry Writing (3 credits)
Teaches techniques of great poets. Provides opportunity for students to write poems. Prerequisite: Writing 206 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-309 Genre Fiction (3 credits)
Teaches tropes and techniques of selected genre fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror. Provides opportunity for students to write short genre fiction.
WRTG-310 Editing and Publishing (1-3 credits)
Introduces students to the publication processes involved in producing a literary journal from start to finish.
WRTG-311 Creative Nonfiction Writing (3 credits)
Teaches advanced techniques of creative nonfiction. Provides opportunity for students to work on rhetorically complex and experimental CNF projects. Prerequisite: WRTG 211 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-330 Special Topics in Writing (3 credits)
Topics vary and may include young-adult fiction, writing, advanced copy editing, literary translation, technical writing, form and theory of poetry, form and theory of fiction.
WRTG-390 Screenwriting (3 credits)
Teaches the techniques of screenwriting. Allows students to initiate their own screenplays. Prerequisite: Writing 207 or permission of instructor.
WRTG-480 Senior Seminar in Creative Writing (3 credits)
Permits students to pursue an extended, independent writing project alongside close study of an element of craft or genre. To be taken senior year. Spring.
WRTG-490 Writing Workshop (3 credits)
Opportunity to write short stories, poems, essays, and plays with weekly discussion and criticism in a small group. May be taken three times. Prerequisite: One course in creative writing at the 300 level or permission of instructor.
WRTG-494 Writing Internship (1-6 credits)
(1-6 credits) Opportunity for on-site experience in various settings for writing experience.
WRTG-495 Creative Writing: Independent Study (1-9 credits)
(1-9 credits) Opportunity for independent work on writing projects with criticism and assistance. May be taken three times.

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