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2020 Volume XXX

To our 2020 contributors: Your work had been published, but because we are not allowed on campus right now, we have been unable to send out contributor copies. As soon as we are able, we will send them along. Thank you for your patience.


  • Ned Balbo
  • Ellery Beck
  • Julie Buckner Armstrong
  • Raymond Byrnes
  • Aaron Capelli
  • Leah Christianson
  • Jennifer Chukwu
  • Lisa Compo
  • Jonathan Louis Duckworth
  • C. W. Emerson
  • Charlie Ericson
  • Silas Hansen
  • Benjamin Harnett
  • Patrick Thomas Henry
  • Matthew James Hodgson
  • Xandra Kaste
  • David Kirby
  • Roger Leege
  • Christopher Lessick
  • Jane Satterfield
  • Corrina McClanahan Schroeder
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Jacob Nantz
  • Anthony Peters
  • Jane Satterfield
  • Francine Witte
  • Judy Xie

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