Elizabeth “Liz” Crozier

Class of 2014, BFA in Creative Writing, BA in Literature

Elizabeth “Liz” Crozier

What was your favorite part of studying Creative Writing at UE?

My favorite part about studying writing at UE was the diverse opportunities I was able to take advantage of. Working for The Evansville Review gave me real world experience with a literary journal. You get to read your competition and know what's like to read through slush piles. Volunteering with SWIP (Southern Writers of Indiana Program) gave me some teaching experience, which was valuable for many reasons. It was rewarding to instill the love of writing in youth, especially around the inner city, and it also makes you a better writer to teach what you know. I also took part in the publications internship, which gave me real world proofreading experience.

What did you experience in UE’s CRW department that feels special/unique to our program?

I think the professors are the most special part of the Creative Writing Department. They tell you from day one that they are your biggest fans, and that proves true even after graduation. The professors in this department are more than half the reason I remained at this school for all four years.

What was your favorite Creative Writing class and why?

I really enjoyed workshop more than anything. Each class has a component of that, but the semester or two that you get to skip the educational reading and just critique each others' work is very rewarding and, honestly, a lot of fun. I don't think many programs have that until you get to graduate school.

What are you up to now?

Currently, I work from home. I have two freelance writing jobs, and I enjoy them both very much. For one job, I write and update descriptions of rehabilitation facilities to help those struggling with addiction find the right residential or outpatient center to get treatment. In the other job, I write BuzzFeed-style list post articles for a website called onlyinyourstate.com. I cover restaurants, hotels, festivals, museums, and other attractions in Illinois and Chicago.

Since graduating, I have continued to write and send work into journals. I have had two poems published in the three years I've been out of school. I have also had a couple articles published on independent websites, both paid and unpaid.

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