Kirt Ethridge

Class of 2016, BFA in Creative Writing

Kirt Ethridge

What was your favorite part of studying Creative Writing at UE?

The Creative Writing program at UE was a small group of motivated, friendly people who genuinely participated in workshops and who were devoted to their craft.

What did you experience in UE’s CRW department that feels special/unique to our program?

UE’s Creative Writing program is unique in that the professors encourage diverse forms of writing, such as comics, podcasts, blogs, and hybrid writing such as long short stories and novellas. This encouragement allows you to explore your interests and expand your knowledge of various types of writing.

Favorite class and why?

My favorite class at UE was Creative Nonfiction because I was allowed to write a semiautobiographical comic book for my final project. Because my professor encouraged my interest in comic books, I strengthened my creative nonfiction skills through a medium I genuinely loved.

What are you up to now?

Currently I tutor at Ivy Tech Southwest’s Writing Center, where I teach students the fundamentals of writing as well as work in coordination with the disabilities center to ensure that our students receive the best education. I am also a Program Naturalist at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, where I guide school groups on hikes to encourage curiosity about the natural world. And I am a freelance proofreader for a fantasy novel series.

I make time to write every day, even if it’s just a few words. I’ve published a poem (“Air Canada”), a short story (“Water under the Bridge”), and two creative nonfiction pieces (“Seahorse” and “Little Beat”). I run two blogs (one which I began for a Digital Media class at UE) and am editing an upcoming podcast about queer Catholics in Southern Indiana.

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