Stef Tarner


Stef Tarner is an Online Project Manager at Oxford University Press. In 2007, after years in marketing at Penguin Books and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, she found herself at the most prestigious academic publishing house in the world. She lives in New York City.

"I loved being an English major at UE, but I didn't just learn how to be a better writer or how to interpret great literary works--I discovered who I was: how to think creatively, constructively, and carry myself confidently. Unlike larger campuses, I wasn't just a social-security number at UE, I didn't get lost in the intimate class size; I had a name and I was a bright and fantastic young woman. And I owe that personal growth, those invaluable lessons--never mind the sharing of ideas, love of literature and endless conversations and supportive mentorship that occurred outside of the classroom over hot cups of tea--to the professors that helped me become successful: Michael Carson (retired), Don Richardson (retired), and Margaret McMullan. Even years later I still correspond with and think of them often, grateful for the imprint on my life: they took a shy and insecure young writer from a small town in northern Indiana and molded her into someone brave... someone not afraid to be who she was meant to be."

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