Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Software systems are at the core of the future economy and software engineers are needed to build these systems. UE’s cutting-edge degree will fill a high industry demand.

Software engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex computer systems (very large programs that cannot be written by one person alone). Software engineering teaches students to work in teams and emphasizes design for reliability and maintenance.

Software engineers may develop many types of programs including:

  • Operating systems
  • Computer games
  • Middleware
  • Business applications
  • Network control systems

Early, hands-on learning opportunities make the University of Evansville stand apart in many of its programs. Software engineering students will begin designing and building applications in their first semester.

“This is a cutting-edge degree, and software engineers are in high demand. You may immediately think of software engineers as designing apps—like Angry Birds—but they do much more, and the curriculum we’ve designed will prepare them for a wide range of career options.” Don Roberts, Associate Professor of Computer Science.

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