Chutney Literary Conference

The annual Chutney Literary Conference gives undergraduates the opportunity to present creative and critical papers to an audience of their peers and the campus and local literary community. Students also have the opportunity to win awards and prizes for their efforts.

The eighth annual Chutney Literary Conference began on April 5, 2019, with the Melvin M. Peterson Literary Forum. Professor of English, Associate Vice Provost for Arts and Humanities, and Director of the Arts and Humanities Council at Indiana University Bloomington Edward P. Comentale gave a lecture titled “Kurt Vonnegut and Hoosier ‘Quality of Place.’”

Kurt Vonnegut and Hoosier Quality of Place. Friday, April 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Edward P. Comentale

The conference continued on Saturday, April 6, 2019, with five student panels. View the complete schedule.

At the end of the conference, the English department presented its 2019 awards: Virginia Lowell Grabill and George Klinger Writing Awards.

  • The third-place Virigina Lowell Grabill Award went to Charlie Hoeg for the paper, “‘Let us dispute again and reason of divine astrology’: Audience interpretation in Doctor Faustus.”
  • The second-place Virigina Lowell Grabill Award went to Brock Storey for the paper, “A refusal to direct the view of the divine in Herbert and Marlowe.”
  • The first-place Virigina Lowell Grabill Award went to Charlie Ericson for the paper, “The Ring and the Book and the Aesthetics of the Monologic Voice.”
  • The George Klinger Award for Best Academic Essay went to Julia Toney for the essay, “Idea and Fulfillment in Twelfth Night.”
  • The Larry Caldwell Senior Student Award was won by Natalie Christy.
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Past Speakers at Chutney

  • 2018 – Cecelia Tichi – on Edith Wharton and Jack London
  • 2017 – Jacqueline Briggs Martin – on Children’s Literature
  • 2016 – Matthew J. Bolton – on TS Eliot
  • 2015 – William Hemminger – on Wallace Stevens
  • 2014 – Robert Paul Lamb – on Mark Twain
  • 2013 – Arthur Brown – on Stephen Crane
  • 2012 – Charles Conaway – on William Shakespeare

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